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We need you! If you know how to sell, we want to talk to you. Please feel free to review our detailed job description and do not hesitate to provide us your resume.

Employment Opportunities with ActionLocal

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We are the largest and fastest growing independent telephone directory publisher in the US and Canada.
We publish dynamic, 21st-century directories.





We are seeking representatives in:

  • Bellingham and Skagit
  • Ontario
  • BC- Lower Mainland
  • Arizona
  • South West Colorado
  • Santa Barbara
  • San Diego County

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This isn’t your Dad or Grandpa’s phone book. Flip its beautifully embossed cover and find a wealth of useful information: detailed maps, a handy reverse directory, a restaurant section and Green Pages-a subdirectory for ecologically minded businesses. We’ve brought directories into the New Millennium with websites and a variety of other integrated online products including our On-the-Go App. Best of all, we printed it all in oversized, highly legible print.

Are you of the belief that phone books are a dying entity? Well think again! The largest age demographic in our population is between 50 and 68. Coincidentally this same group has one of the highest disposable household incomes. Guess what…. they also use phone books! Advertisers want to target these customers. This is the very nature of our business. We connect buyers with sellers 24h /day , 365 days/year. No other form of advertising still delivers this kind of return on investment.

Our 50-plus domestic and international directories win industry awards. However, our recent expansion has revealed a small problem; our sales resources are lean, we need you! If you know how to sell we want to talk to you. We are not embarrassed to say we offer the highest commissions in the industry. If you are an exceptional sales person this is a career that will reward you financially. Please feel free to review our detailed job description and do not hesitate to provide us your resume. We look forward to speaking to you in the near future!