The AMPline

AMP makes it easy to generate lots of positive, plentiful, and recent reviews with the AMPline.All you have to do is send a text with your customer’s phone number or email address to the AMPline, and AMP does the rest! We send a message to your customer asking if they’d recommend your business. If so, they are asked to leave a rating and review on Google, Facebook, or an AMP directory site.


AMP Reviews

By Action Media Plus

Send a Text to the AMPline

All you have to do to generate reviews is send your customer's phone number or email address through the AMPline (you will be given access to the AMPline after sign-up). If entering more than one contact at once, simply separate them with a comma (e.g. 2705551234, 2705555678, 2705552468).

AMP Does The Rest

We contact your customers to ask them if they'd recommend your business. If so, we encourage them to leave a ranking and review. We post their review online, where it can improve your reputation and give you a big boost.

Reviews Get Posted Across the Web

With the Review Generation product (REV), your customers are first asked to leave a review on Google or Facebook. If they don't have a Google or Facebook account (or if you're using the AMPline without the Review Generation product), their reviews will be sent to

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the review request come from my personal cell phone number or a different number?

A. The review request will come from another local number. Your cell phone number will not be seen by your customer.

Q. Can I customize the message that my customer receives?

A. Yes, the message can be customized to be unique to your business. Just contact an AMP representative with the desired text.

Q. Can I have more than one person at my company requesting reviews through the AMPline?

A. You can designate multiple people to request reviews on behalf of your business. All we need to know is their cell phone number so we can associate it with your business. After they're set up, they can generate reviews by simply texting customer contact info through the AMPline.

Q. How can I improve my participation rate and get more reviews?

A. Not every customer will leave a review, but the more requests you send out, the more reviews you can expect. You can improve the participation rate by asking your customers if you can send them a review request and emphasizing how much positive reviews mean to your business. That way, they will be expecting the request and will be more likely to participate.